Fast Travel without dropping items

I was previously on this forum for editing food items. Thanks to everyone I made my first few mods: BigStacks :3

Now I’ve come for some help on a new mod. I want to be able to fast travel without dropping all my things. I want to live north east, but I want to be able to mine from north west. I really don’t want to spend my time flying from one spot to another. Can I have some help on how to do it. I know my way around the kit just not coding if that’s what it comes too.

I think it would involve changing the class of the bed to not drop items, if it has to be changed through code the only thing i could see it being is changing a yes to a no, but I am also new to all this just trying to take a crack at helping you, I am at work right now but as soon as I get home Ill crack open that dev kit and try to get you an answer maybe you could post a screen of the beds class tree while Im gone?

Thank you. Here’s the class tree6665f0d92d13b7613ae2b7b062a2cd39f035010c.png

I havent been home to check the devkit yet but if i had to guess itd be in the graph which basically lets you change small bits of the code through menu option choices Im assuming since this is how the brain system in project spark worked

Hi there, a little late but I’m right now cracking my brains out. I searched for primal BP everything that had to do with a bed (even the mesh tough, I know its useless) but the only thing I could find was the re spawn time. Meabie I din’t see it but if someone could answer this for me would be awesome :smiley: