Fast shader models

Hello there!

My request is to add couple of simple shaders to use in non-high-end games. Like mobiles or simple games, where graphics is not a main feature.

For example…

Clean Unlit shader cost 24 instructions… It should cost nothing with simple color. I know there some stuff it supports, like fog and such. But what if I do not need it or I want to make my own shader withing material editor?
For example I use Unlit shader to make my own simplier shading with no reflections, specular or shadows. It would work faster if there won’t be any extra unreal stuff.

Another thing I wanted is a simple specular shading… There are many games where we do not need PBR. Like strategy, stylized games, mobile games e.t.c. So PBR just add some useless instructions.

OR… Simple add easy support of making own shaders. Despite the fact we can write shaders with Mat editor, we do not get that much control we sometimes need.

Unfortunatelly, working with shaders in Unity is much better. I mean they are simplier there and we get more control over shader features.