Fast projectiles mod / more impact effects

Project 1:
I have the plan to speed up projectiles in the game to make shooting more fun (more direct point and shoot like the real one) and evading more challenging.
So far I’ve tried changing weapons blueprints and found the projectile BP (at least I thought so), found a speed value of 20000 and adjusted it, also a XYZ-axis multiplier for spawn projectile speed and direction (default 1,0,0) in the weapons BP. Adjusting didn’t alter anything bullet-speed related so far. Help would be appreciated.
When I find the relevant parameters I will go after the question how to differentiate between player bullets and NPC fired bullets to give them different speedups to make the player-shooting fast but the NPC fire still avoidable.

Project 2:
Go for cooler hit effects, more debris and particle-clouds on impacts of projectiles and robots. I think more graphic feedback of hitting things would increase the badassness of the game even more. Firefights more “FEAR” style if the older ones remember this wonderful games. Perhaps insert/change decals for cracked up pavement and walls hit by robots smashed into them. Like the cracked pavement as Neo in the Matrix takes of or the classic comic hero downpunch and throw of enemies against walls.
Will have to evaluate how much particle opacity impacts performance, Epic has done a marvelous job graphics and performance wise, didn’t want to ruin it, but my GTX 970 runs the maxed out game almost perfect and my GTX 1080 at work has a lot more punch, so why not spice things up.

I will split them into 2 mods of cause.

Hi @vangel76

Sounds like a really cool project dude! I will be following along and hope to have a play with what you get up and running at some point soon.



That sounds like fun.