Fast Building of Modular Buildings | It will be - FREE or COST ? | ModularBuildingPlugin

Hey guys! :slight_smile:
Issue has been resolved
Thanks :slight_smile:

I want to show the plug-in designed for quick and easy building of modular buildings!

A simple example:

[UE4] ModularBuilding Plugin - Сreation house in 3 minutes - YouTube]

Just make your own meshes and use them with the plugin :wink:

But I want to ask one question.
For improvement, adding new features, support new versions of UE4 I need some profit.
Alas Marketplace conditions don’t suit me. By their rules I can wait money about a year .
If you are interested in a plug-in what you would select:

  1. To make a plug-in free. Donations can
    to pay for work on the plugin
  2. Use
  3. Use MarketPlace, and nothing else!

I would use Gumroad and let people pay what they want.

Nice plugin mate! If you are not looking to make too much money from this, I’d say Gumroad, otherwise marketplace should work just fine!

Thank you for Your opinion! I will do so.

Thank you! Gumroad will be enough

Why not marketplace and Gumroad? I perfer having items in my vault so I can always download the latest version of all the assets I have in one place, just an ease of access thing.

Oh, I’m sold for the most part btw, as long as we can add stairs and stuff like that inside the buildings. I figure is mostly for creating the externals of buildings, but either way it seems great :slight_smile:

Hello, Aumaan Anubis !
[video][UE4] ModularBuilding Plugin - Tutorial - YouTube It shows how to create rooms inside the building.
Later I will make video examples of more complex buildings.

Thank you all for your opinion! :slight_smile: plugin is available her: