Fast advice on iOS build/deploy please!

Hi, i’ve got an app which i’ve designed on PC (it’s mainly for PC use), but i’ve had to make a cut down version for a quick mobile demo. I’ve strimmed lots of bits out and it works well on an Android device, but i’ve been asked to make an iOS version.

It’s now a blueprint only app with no plugins, and it plays ok in the mac version of the UEeditor.

I haven’t (yet) paid for an apple developer license.

What is the fastest and easiest way to get it running on my iPad? I’ve read about getting provisioning data which xcode can produce but I just can’t get the launcher in UE to accept them, and xcode won’t give me the option to compile for anything other than a mac.

What is the fastest and easiest way to get this build running on another iPad (in another country - ie. I can’t install it for them).

Thank you so much for any advice here!


You should download certificate and provisioning profile from

I am facing similar problem. I have created my project with sun temple and as well as from blank to test the ios deployment. It’s not working till yet for 4.14.
There is no plist and also showing provisioning profile not valid. I will appreciate if somebody helps with short and accurate way to deploy and package to iPhone.

I got it working by just signing up to the apple developer program. I was a bit confused by other posts indicating that you could do it just in xcode (for your own ipad/iphone only) which I wanted to do first just to see how well my app would compile.

I signed up, followed the instructions, had a few massive hacks and things but got my app working in just a few hours. Cooking was a problem - there’s a default setting where the cooker packages absolutely everything as a just in case measure. It was cooking for about 2 hours before I noticed in the log that there was stuff i wasn’t using going in there. Make sure you check the checkboxes!

Thanks for the (simple) help @GameDNA-studio