Farshid's First UE Project [ Autodesk Revit ]

old render

new render

Looks great for a first go Farshid! How did you export it from Revit? I usually have no many problems with anything round or curved that I’ve been remodeling almost everything in 3ds max.

thanks james for answer

first i export scene from revit to 3ds max {.dae format}

then add lightmap2nd uv channel to file and export to UE4

Looks very nice! I had to basically remake everything in maya using the revit file as reference, I found it was much quicker this way.

Great job, Farshid! Out of curiosity, why not export as FBX and auto-generate lightmaps?

for using Flatten Mapping in 3ds max

Very nice job Farshid.
My question’s about the floor plans and other icons. How did you add them to the screen?
Thank you.

Looks good. great job on the lighting. There are a few things that are that stick out. The wood on the floor, the tiling is quite apparent, texture on the bed and floor looks too large.

Keep up the good work.