Faro e57 import issues


I’ve been playing around with a Faro Freestyle and having some issues reconstructing results in RC.

Here is what a sample scan looks like in Faro Scene after registering, etc.

Here is what it looks like after importing the e57, alignment, and reconstruction in RC:

Registration - exact, georeference - tried both, color, noise free)

So lots of missing points. 

Just as a sanity check, imported the same thing into Recap and got the following:


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Tim B,

what reconstruction settings did you use? In the RECONSTRUCTION - Settings - Laser Scans  try to change Minimal distance between two points. 

Hi Zuzana,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried various options for Min. Distance Between Two Points. It was varied between 0.0002 and 0.01. Below are the results I got:

Hello Tim,

there could be an issue that RC cannot read the .e57 file properly. Would it be possible to export the same point cloud in .ptx file format and try the reconstruction in RC from .ptx?

I will try that.

Recently I’ve been having issues with .e57 files in general. With both Faro and Leica exports. A lot of errors on import.

Are there some recent changes which are causing this or is it just me?

Ive also been having issues with e57 import from BLK360 files that were processed through Cyclone. It actually seems to more or less work when importing after the files were processed through recap app for ipad, though I get missing pieces in the reconstruction sometimes.

Trimble TX5, couldn’t get .e57 exports to work properly. Lots of missing areas. PTX works straight away.

Thanks, Nick. 

Looks like .ptx is the way to go for now. 

Hi Tim,

I am pretty certain that the problem in your case is the fact that you are using a handheld scanner, which by definition will not create proper ordered pointclouds. If you look at the little cube that RC creates to simulate the scan, does this point correlate to the areas that are properly calculated?

Hey Gotz. 

You may be right about the un-ordered point cloud issue. 

However, Faro Scene does “process” and “register” the scan frames after they’ve been collected. So I was hoping that it could spit out something ordered. Or maybe I misunderstand how the whole process works :slight_smile:

Good point Götz. Didn’t notice that it was a handheld. Is indeed a limitation with RC for now. Can only do structured point clouds, even if you can generate a version of your handheld with other software to look structured it won’t come out right. 

Thanks Nick!  :slight_smile:

In theory, it might be possible if there would be a software with which you can define an origin and thus simulate something ordered/structured. Or tell RC to create several cubes  around the object, that would be a feature request.


Like William Douglas McMaster wrote, we got also a hard time to import the .e57 data from the Leica BLK360, this seems just not to be possible. 
The .e57 files from the Effortless3d laser scanner (sample data online) are the only .e57 files we can import, but RC can’t make anything of it once we start to calculate a model out of it.  

The problem is that we need to pay for a Cyclone licence from Leica to convert manually every single file to a .PTX files. 
In case we could use the .e57 files we could import the aligned point cloud straight from Recap. This will not only save money but also a lot of time. 

Are there people who have been successful with the .e57 files within RC?  Or will this feature soon be supported? 

I’ve managed to partially get a set of E57 files from a BLK to work in RC. If you import them into recap for ipad and then export to e57 from there, it worked about 50% of the time, though I had to break the scan up into small reconstruction regions. 

The problem is that e57 import in general seems pretty broken.

Ive had no issues with PTX point cloud files, though getting Cyclone is really expensive and annoying!


Hey Dajo,

A couple of comments. 

  1. If you can import e57 files but are having problems with model calculation, then you may have an issue with Minimum Distance Between Points or Vertices. Not sure if you’ve looked into that already. If not, there are some posts here that will help.

  2. If you haven’t already, try to get a trial licence for Cyclone or Register 360 from Leica to see if that would work for you. I’ve used Reg360 and it’s much simpler and straight forward than full Cyclone. I was able to export useful .ptx files but not .e57 from that.

  3. Exporting registered .e57 files from Recap has worked fine for me before. What I’ve done is register everything in Recap, then export as one .e57. I’ve also seen some mentions here about having to export each scan as a separate .e57. Maybe try that and see what works for you. But overall Recap should work. 

I really liked Register 360 (over Recap). It’s pretty basic, but works well. Especially if you don’t have a ton of scans. 

Tim and Dajo, I have been successful with #3 above, exporting .e57 file from registered scans in ReCap Pro.  The export is saved as one .e57 file, but contains individual scan data that are correctly (so far in my case) imported into RC.  RC creates 6 files for each scan in the .e57 file.  For example, I recently scanned a vehicle with a FARO M70 from 6 locations.  I registered the 6 scans in ReCap, then exported as one e57 file with the option to preserve the individual scan data.  RC imported 36 files from my single e57 file (6 x 6 scans).  So far, so good…