Farming Game Grid System?

Good day guys,

I am making a 3D game something like harvest moon, stardew valley, farmville, and stuffs. It is an open small world with fixed size.

I want to ask the experts on what grid system would be the best for a farm land, I need to be able to put meshes such as box, fence, plants, and trees.

Other things to know about my project
-my world is created by UE4 landscape editor
-its a third person, without mouse pointer
-no drag and drop, my character will plant trees by where the character is facing, something like a square land will be highlighted to know you will plant there by pressing mouse button.

Help me choose a solution:

1.) create many square plane mesh and connect them to each other and create a big farm land, where each plane is a blueprint with event for the user to interact.

2.) a big plane mesh that is subdivided it into square coordinates.

3.) dont use a grid system and just be able to put the mesh anywhere in a landscape world.

4.) you have a better idea, and what is it?

I am with UE4 for a few months now learning 3D stuffs, I also tried searching for this, and found many solutions, but I need to know the best performance for the game. Thank you.

Well I’m lazy so in my Parent_Item_Blueprint (this is just an example) I’d allow placement anywhere but in the Place_Here function I’d go to the nearest 5 or 10 on the location vector…whatever your grid system units would be…should work especially if you lock your characters turning to be north, south, east, and west only…hope that makes sense…
for the Highlight Square in front of the player do the same and always round the units to match the grid…

From my best guess performance will not be an issue with a game like this…not enough going on per frame to ever bog down UnrealEngine…also these games tend not to be AAA graphically either…so I’d say push it as far as you want to and I’ll bet Unreal keeps up…