Farmer's Cottage (Full render)

My very quick asset demo of a farmer’s cottage using Unreal Engine 4. In my R&D so far, I’m very happy with how UE4 is turning out. Helps reduce production time significantly. This took approximately 6 hours to complete using my pre-made assets - that’s also taking into account that I’m still getting my head around UE4. With normal production pipelines using Maya and After Effects, I estimate it would have taken about 3 days to complete including render.

Nice work, the lighting’s really nice, although having the lantern on while the sky’s quite bright looks a little bit odd.

The foliage looks quite flat as well, particularly in that last shot, but that’s pretty normal. What kind of framerate do you get?

At the moment 25fps which is due to really bad lighting organisation. I’m still trying to figure out how to create night sky and the grass is not final, I just like to add clutter :slight_smile:

There’s a lot I still need to figure out when optimising lights so that’s my next step. That and altering the sky.

This render looks amazing. I really like it. Good work! :slight_smile:

Did you use UE4’s terrain editor any?

The lantern is way too bright, and it looks like the landscape’s(or the ground mesh) lightmap resolution is too low because shadows are either non-existent or blotchy.

It will look really nice when you fix the lighting though. :slight_smile: