Farm Under Fire - 3rd person multiplayer shooter, heavy metal, and old-school!


Hi! I would like to present to you my newly released game called Farm Under Fire!
Farm Under Fire is a 3rd person multiplayer shooter, where player competes against other players in Free For All or Team Deathmatch modes!

The game has very heavy metal, funny and satire vibe to it. It’s inspired by old-school shooters such as Quake 3 Arena. The pace of the game is pretty fast. There will be more levels, more weapons and more game modes coming!

If you like it - add to wishlist on Steam and share the facebook page!


I’ve never been great at shooters but watching this I could immediately picture all my friends huddled around just wheeze laughing as they slaughter one another and make goat noises at the same time. Seems really fun for a game night!

It kind of looked like the player character maybe “upgraded” and changed their skin tones at the beginning, is that a defense system or more of just an appearance change?

I am glad you like it so far :slight_smile:
The color change was the FFA and then TD game mode. In Team Deathmatch players are coloured differently.

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Makes sense! Thanks for answering.

Really looking forward to seeing more from this :slight_smile:

The game launches on 28/04 on Steam at 6PM UK or 10AM US time, but if you want to join our playtests to help us find bugs feel free to join our discord, add game to wishlist and we will share some beta key with you!

Farm Under Fire - Official Trailer - YouTube Farm Under Fire
Farm Under Fire

That looks like a fun game! Love the metal music and the goat avatars. Great job :slight_smile: