Farm Life

Hello guys,

**We’ve just released our first product Farm Life on Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. **
We will continue to add more products from our portfolio including new ones which we’re working right now.

Our Official Website:

1. Farm Life UE4 Marketplace Official Link:…slug/farm-life

2. Description:

Farm Life is packed into one easy-to-use project that comes with example scenes, FX, Color Grading profiles & blueprints. Perfect for **AR, mobile, VR , desktop & consoles! **
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What’s Inside:

		▲ DayLight & Night Light Maps (Raytracing Setup Included)

		▲ 23 Animated Animals with 5 unique looped Animations for each animal Breath, Eat, Idle, Run, Walk: Bull, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Goat, Goose, Horse, Pig, Ostrich, Pigeon, Rabbit, Raven, Sheep, Stork

		▲ 26 Animated Characters with 4 unique looped Animations for each character Breath, Idle, Run, Walk: Boy, Farmers, Man, Girl, Woman

		▲ 37 Buildings including Bird House, Bog House, Feeder, Granary, Green House, Hen House, 10 Farm Village Different Houses, Mailbox, Oil Pump, Privy, 5 Sheds, Silo, Stable, Warehouse, Watering Pipe, Water Tower, Well, Windmill, Woodshed

		▲ 22 Crops including Apple, Beet Root, Cabbage, Carrot, Corn, 5 Different Hays, Leek, Onion, Pepper, Pumpkins, Sunflower, Tomato, Tomato Branch, Wheat, Wheat Brunch

		▲ 113 Modular Mesh Grounds including: Ground Base, Paths, Roads, Corners made from Stones, Mud, Water, River, Sand, Gravel, Slag

		▲ 6 Plants including: Flowers & 6 types of grass

		▲ 27 Props including: Bag, 2 Barrels, Bench, Bucket, Camp Fire, 2 Crate, 2 Feeder, 6 types of Fence, Fork, Gate, Hedge, Ladder, Lamps, Scarecrow, Sign, Stool

		▲ 13 different rocks

		▲ 29 Trees & Bushes

		▲ 16 Vehicles including: 3 Agricultural Machines, Barrow, Bicycle, Bike, Motor, Boat, Harvester, Jeep, Pickup, Tractor, 4 Trailers, Truck

		▲ easy to use - drag & drop workflow and you're ready to go

		▲ Modular Workflow

		▲ ready-made presets for a quick preview of a different look

		▲ constant updates and new features

		▲ active development & support

		▲ clean & unique modern style

		▲ Raytracing Setup Included

		Collision: (Yes automatically generated)

		Triangle Count: 30 triangles up to 3000 triangles per model

		Number of Meshes: 400


		▲ 1 Hand Painted Skybox combined with UE4 Skybox

		▲ 19 Example Scenes

		▲ 15 Camera Animations using UE4 Sequencer

		Each element has been carefully crafted with in-game use optimization in mind. Everything has been optimized for games triangles, textures, UV maps atlases etc.


		Over 50% of the whole production time we dedicated to this asset was wisely spent on the design process. The atmosphere, colors, consistency of the graphic art, movement, light, shapes - all of these elements were of the most importance to us.
		**Thank you.**
		beffio team