Hello Forum,

I created this Thread to express one last critic: WE DO NOT HAVE A VOICE in the Review process.

Hopefully, you won’t get punished by the Marketplace Team as me. They have Terminated my Publisher Account for “Supposedly” harassing the community without giving me any evidence.

This is what happens when you speak out and expose the people trying to play GOD with our hard work:

  • Where is the APPEAL option/button? (Apple has it, why not Epic ??)
  • Who checks on them (no bias, no invented fixes, follows guidelines, etc)?
  • Why Terminate a Publisher account for Editing a post in the Forum?
  • Why ignore a Publisher’s request for evidence of the suspension?

The Irony is that Epic portraits itself as the people’s platform and accuses Apple of Authoritarian. Well, I can confirm the opposite, the way this Marketplace is being managed, EPIC runs in a full AUTHORITARIAN mode.

You speak out, they’ll erase you from their platform without evidence. Is that simple.

I wish you all the best my fellow publishers and if you want to support my Work, go to the UNITY Marketplace. The assets will also work in Unreal.

Elemento Arts

Note to the UE community: this is Mr. BEWARE… the MARKETPLACE is a miserable BULLY!, with his Level Blueprint elevator.


Nothing to hide here Mr. Nacho. Go check the Blueprint Guidelines and tell me if there is a requirement for not using Level Blueprints?

I don´t see any harassment to the community or do you? The Thread got Locked and I got Silenced before I could even respond to replies.

Send information about your experience with UE marketplace to the Apple’s legal team. They will appreciate it.


Oh believe me, I thought about it. It may even change the final verdict :sweat_smile:

My case is pure Gold for any Apple Lawyer, so I might contact them.

** UPDATE (response to below)

@Amanda.Schade , So you accuse me of name-calling? Go to the Topic mention and look for the 1st community reply from @iLLo. She called me a total ***. My question to you is, she began the name-calling… so why didn’t you terminate her account? You didn’t even give her a warning. You think that is fair?. Evidence is right in front of your eyes and for everyone to see.

And NO @Amanda.Schade , Creators DO NOT HAVE A VOICE until Epic decides to give them an APPEAL OPTION. It may be against the Law to run a Marketplace without one.

Community members and creators have a voice here, but we expect them to comply with the Forum Guidelines - and Publishers also agree to the terms of the Marketplace Guidelines.

Your previous topic was closed, not removed, due to the nature of the discussion, and a temporary silence was placed on your account only after the original post was edited to name-call other members of this community, which is against both sets of guidelines.

For reference, from the Marketplace Guidelines:

  • 3.2.a Publishers are held responsible for their communication with staff, the community, and their customers, and are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism while being courteous, approachable, responsive, and respectful toward others; harassment or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • 3.2.b Publishers must follow all Forum Rules when posting in the Unreal Engine forums, including the Creators Hub.

You are welcome to share your experience and feedback, but we expect you to accurately represent the details of your interactions with Epic staff and others. Opting not to engage with others on this forum honestly and respectfully may result in additional actions against your account.

As with the previous thread, this one will be closed to further discussion.

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