Farewell to our dear friend Alexander Paschall

As all of you might know, our dear Community Manager @Alexander_Paschall has left Epic to pursue a new career. On behalf of the entire Unreal Community I would like to thank him for everything he has done for the Community and wish him a very bright future ahead. :slight_smile:

We will miss you ! May God Bless You. :slight_smile:

It wont be the same without you . Hope your new ?teaching? career is fruitful. Come back and check in on us!

Yep, all the best ! :slight_smile:

I like and always welcome his presence in here - this to me, indicates a lot of his success as a Community Manager! Yes I will definitely miss him…All the best, Mr Alexander…

Godspeed dear plaid sensei.

Wish you luck wherever you go [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] ! :smiley:

Good luck in your future adventures, you will be missed :frowning:

Good luck in where ever life takes you

May good luck be with you …

Farewell [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] and good luck on your next endeavour!

It was great having you in the community and it definitely wont be the same without you!

Sad, but who replaced him? Who do we call to random topics now?


And thus the summoning begins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Big welcome! I saw you on the live stream, good to put a name to a face.

Welcome Amanda. Its a great pleasure to e-meet you :slight_smile:

I was hoping to find a gif of what happens next, but alas, could not find one.