Far clip plane for camera


Is it possible to change the far clip plane setting of a camera?:confused:


I bump this one, I need it too but can’t find any info

I have found something called FrustumEndDist while searching inside the source code of the engine. As I understand, the camera has a defined FrustumStartDist, wich is basically the near clip plane that you can change in the editor, and a FrustumEndDist.

When I looked at the FrustumEndDist of the orthographic camera, it is defined as a difference between the OrthoFarClipPlane and the OrthoNearClipPlane.

But the perspective camera has this defined as a semi constant value, which can only be altered with the near clip plane of the editor :frowning:

I tried to copy paste the entire camera component code but somehow the camera is just not rendering :frowning:

Maybe you know how can I use source code to create new component without building the whole source from scratch?

Can someone help us? :open_mouth:

I also found that if you type in the console : “r.SetNearClipPlane”, followed by a number (higher than the default, 10), the far clip plane increases.

But this way the far clip plane depends on the near one

Any info from Epic please? Is there a far clip setting somewhere? Some of use are developping games for mobiles or mobile VR and we need to use old technics.

There is a separate setting for VR. In blueprint it is HeadMountedDisplay::SetClippingPlanes

It lets you do far and near.

It would be great to have a far clip plane for the perspective camera

Well the problem is it’s clipping everything, you can’t exclude skysphere so you have a black sphere all around your cameras

To get the values, my be this works: ASceneCapture2D::GetDrawFrustum(). Then UDrawFrustumComponent has FrustumStartDist and FrustumEndDist.

Bump, having the same issue. Why can I adjust the near clip but not the far clip plane in the project settings?

Also, why do I have to adjust these vlues in the project settings at all. Wouldn’t it be more easy to expose them to the camera itself?