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I do hope a member of staff sees this post, I had applied for a Mega grant back in June, 30-06-2021 I got the email back right away to say thank you for your application, and then nothing… If you have not approved the grant then ok but you normally send an email out to state that but having no emails or contact is really bad also having no contact details for the team or a support team that can deal with these requests is shocking…

I contacted support by Email back in October that told me to look at a web link that had nothing to do with the Mega Grant “Unreal Engine Support & Resources”

Now I am hoping someone here from epic will see this and get in contact with me

Thank you

Hey @TADSGaming, there are a lot of Megagrant applications and the team reviews all of them. If you haven’t heard anything yet it means it’s still in the queue. We always communicate whether an application was approved or not, but it can sometimes take a while.

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Thank you for your reply @VictorLerp the reason I am asking is that it states on the application I will hear back within 90 days and that you will reach out if you require more information or more time, you have not done so, this is over 5 months now.

Direct Quote
You will hear back from us within 90 days. We will reach out if we need more information or if we will require additional time to review your submission.

Are you able to find out how I can get in contact with the team to find out why neither has happened?

Thanks again for your reply.

PM me with any details that can help me identify the application and I’ll reach out to the team

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@VictorLerp I love the EPIC community support and seeing this kind of ownership and friendly support from EPIC staff. Good job Victor! People like you make EPIC epic!


Thank you @VictorLerp i will do so. much appreciated