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Hi Everyone!
I’m very happy to announce my new and first package for Unreal Marketplace - Fantasy Weapons Arsenal! :slight_smile:

The package has been submitted for review!

Fantasy Weapons Arsenal is a set of 11 fantasy weapons - Scythes, Axes, Shields, Swords, Spears, Hammers, Staffs for your next generation games.

Main Features:

*- Physical-base Rendering: Yes

  • Number of Meshes : 11
  • Number of Materials and Material Instance: 11
  • Texture Sizes: 2048x2048 & 4096x4096
  • LODs: Yes ( Automatically generated ).
  • Collision: Yes ( Custom ).
  • Great for PC * Marketplace/Fantasy Weapons Arsenal/1/FantasyWeaponsArsenal_Screenshot.png Marketplace/Fantasy Weapons Arsenal/2/FantasyWeaponsArsenal_Screenshot.png Marketplace/Fantasy Weapons Arsenal/4/FantasyWeaponsArsenal_Screenshot.png Marketplace/Fantasy Weapons Arsenal/5/FantasyWeaponsArsenal_Screenshot.png Marketplace/Fantasy Weapons Arsenal/FantasyWeaponsArsenal_Screenshot.png