Fantasy Shield 5 Pack

Hey everybody

Just wanted to get a WIP thread going on the shield pack I’ve been working on to accompany my Fantasy Melee 5 Pack weapons. A handful of people have asked me about the progress on it, and I’ve gotten started on it again this week. This pack will also only be $9.99, and should be ready to submit around the end of the month.

I’ll update the post with new shields as they come along, expect a new one every few days until submission time. As of today the round wooden shield and kite shield are done. I’m super open to suggestions for the remaining shields, but I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to design them. Let me know what you guys think!

First up, the wooden round shield: (more pics on ArtStation )



Freshly finished today is the metal kite shield: (more pics on ArtStation )




those are looking good, you could make a tower shield, and a buckler.

Thanks Sarr! A tower shield is definitely on the list, and I’ll consider the buckler! I’ll probably throw in some sort of rough-and-rugged “enemy shield” to round the pack out.

Really digging the Viking Shield. Keep up the good, MFZ! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like it Reubitron! Will do! :smiley:

I am wondering how the black smith hammered the nails facing inwards of the handle of the second shield :smiley: (see the last picture)

I would like to see what you can do with a viking theme, too.

The shields are kinda gorgeous :wink: they look a little stylized though. is it the lighting or is it the texture?

Exactly what I needed for this project. I’m running around with a placeholder shield for months.

It is in my budget and within my timeline as well!

Looks promising! :slight_smile:

Human shield only or there’ll be some kind of exotic shields? Just wondering.

The more different the global shape is, the more likely I am to be interested in that considering the camera of my prototype, but I’m perfectly aware that these assets are designed for a closer look :slight_smile:

@rYuxq Haha, yeah, I have it on good authority that the blacksmith was using a very rare, very exotic, enchanted Elven Hammer of Passing! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks man! I think it’s mostly the lighting, I wanted to make sure you could “see” everything about the shields, which led to a fairly complicated lighting setup.

@Yun-Kun Your project looks pretty cool man! Thanks for the interest! As it stands right now, 3 of the 5 will be pretty human-ish, and I’m going to make the last 2 look a bit more like they belong on “enemies,” so to speak. I’ll probably throw in a bunch of paint color variations on the painted shields so people can break up the look in game to some extent as well.


The big ole tower shield is done. I’ll probably have the other two shields done by the end of the week. I’m thinking something ‘aggressive’ for the next shield. Parry a blow then and cut your throat type stuff, you know, real fun. :wink:
Head over to ArtStation for more pics. (bigger too)



Can you show us pictures with normal/“realistic” lighting as well?

@rYuxq You bet! When I’m packaging these up in-engine I’ll make a lighting setup you could expect in game and post up some shots.

The best defense is a good offense! I’ll include the bloody and clean versions of this one. One more shield to go.

More shots here:




Nice work! Is that rendered in Substance Painter 2 via IRay?

Thanks @Kelheor! All of the shots in this thread came from either inside of UE4, or Marmoset Toolbag 2! IRay isn’t my favorite for showing off real-time stuff, haha!

Wow, thanks! Never thought that it possible to achieve such quality in Marmoset Toolbag 2 :slight_smile:

@Kelheor Yeah, Marmoset is pretty powerful! Nowhere near what you can get in-engine with some fiddling, but great for some fast, accurate shots.

Alright guys, last shield. I wanted to get a different looking metal out there, so I went with a bit of an elven look. My studio got painted last week, so I lost quite a bit of free time trying to get “work-work” wrapped up on schedule. I should have all this stuff submitted by the end of the week, but I’ve got a bit of contract work to get done in the meantime.

More pictures here:



It looks fantastic!

Looking forward to buying it :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck and have fun for the marketplace submission!

EDIT: I love the different styles and I find the Elven shield to be especially neat.


Looks awesome - will purchase for sure

Hey guys! I’ve been insanely busy! So I don’t have a date to give you yet, but I do have those in-engine screenshots that I promised @rYuxq. :wink:
These will be the shots that appear in the store as well. I’ll be announcing a new pack soon. (Today maybe?)
@Yun-Kun Thanks again man, I’m looking forward to seeing them in your project.
@mr.Necturus Thanks!
@OptimisticMonkey Glad you like the shields!