Fantasy RPG FX

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have been looking to spend a few (or more) bucks to buy FX’s for my A-RPG prototype but unfortunately none of the offers available has ever raised my interest (in the past 8 months).

I feel like we lack a proper base versatile fantasy RPG FX bundle + other advanced, coherent and versatile bundles.

For instance bundles that could look like this:

Common Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • fireball projectile
  • fireball death
  • blood splash
  • sword hit impact
  • arrow projectile
  • arrow trail
  • metal impact
  • wood impact

Combat Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • sword slash
  • double sword slash
  • weapon trail
  • physical hit impact
  • status - defensive stance
  • status - offensive stance

Fire Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • pyroblast projectile
  • pyroblast death
  • flamestrike
  • status - fire armor
  • status - burning
  • rain of fire
  • breath of fire

Ice Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • frost nova
  • ice lance projectile
  • ice lance death
  • status - frozen
  • status - frost aura
  • frost wall

Storm Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • lightning bolt
  • chain lightning
  • status - storm shield
  • status - static
  • thunder bolt (from the sky)

Evil Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • status - cursed
  • dark bolt projectile
  • dark bolt death
  • evil aura
  • dark summoning

Holy Fantasy FX’s Bundle

  • holy heal
  • holy smite
  • holy bolt projectile
  • holy bolt death
  • resurection
  • status - holy fire

and so on and so forth. I’m not particularly talking about my project needs here.

Not sure if I’m just being very self-centered and not realizing everything works well with the current FX bundles available. If so, make sure to tell me.

I just wanted to point this out here. I’m likely to be looking for that type of things in the next months.

Have a nice day and good luck have fun in your projects :slight_smile:

Alot (and i mean it) of these effects are already available within the Infinity Blade assets, which are available for FREE :slight_smile:
Check them out: Content by Epic Games - UE Marketplace

I’m using these assets already and I would have liked to go a bit further in terms of quality (infinity blades are optimized for phones). But thanks for stepping in.

EDIT: Edited “Prototype Bundle” into “Common Bundle” because it was misleading.

Uhm … some of these effects are pretty advanced.

I think other then this it would be the best if you had some unique ones. This is also something which awaits me at some point (MMORPG long-term here), but thanks to the countless particle videos of this guy i think it wont be a big problem :slight_smile:

This is typically the kind of pack I was talking about. The particles are wonderful, not doubts about that, but I feel like I can’t do anything with them. Too specific, too unique, too complicated, not modular enough, homogeneous in terms of rendering but one pack gives me FX to use in 5 different types of games (so the pack don’t fit a particular purpose).

Not to blame anyone but I feel like most of the packs available are typically non-game FX’s but more cinematic FX’s. But once again, I might be wrong.