Fantasy Pirate Island Vol 1

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I have a massive love for pirates right back as far as I can remember so decided to create a Pirate Scene for unreal. I tried to capture the mystique and wonder behind the whole pirate thing and here it is!

A stylized pirate island complete with over 50+ assets for Unreal Engine 4.22+

Included are prefabs to give you an example of how the individual pieces can be used together to create more complex assets. Nearly all prefabs can have their colors changed to create even more flexibility within in your scenes!

Also there are some simple particle effects simulating fire and glowing bugs!

If you run into any issues or need any help please contact me or leave a question and i’ll get back to you and help as best as I can. I would really appreciate it if you could do this before leaving a review :slight_smile:

If you have any issues, suggestion or anything else please either leave a question or join my Discord]( channel.

**Documentation: **

Technical Details


  • 50+ unique meshes
  • Prefabs to get you creating quickly
  • Colors can be changed on nearly every mesh using construct scripts giving extra customization.
  • Simple Stylized water
  • Simple fire particles and bugs
  • Great customization options
  • Emmisive lighting Materials

**Number of Unique Meshes: **50+
**Collision: **Yes - Auto
Vertex Count: 20+
**LODs: **No
**Number of Materials and Material Instances: **50+
Number of Textures: 150+
**Texture Resolutions: **512 - 2048

**Important/Additional Notes: **Please note that scenes may need to be rebuilt on import. All scenes are built in Unreals “Epic Quality” so this may need to be adjusted to suit your PC spec and rebuilt.

If you get stuck please feel free to contact me and i’ll do the best I can to help!