Fantasy Hearts Basic RPG

Hello Everyone

Throughout my 3 years of learning UE4 I honed my rpg building skills which has allowed me to create the basic structure of my game Amaranthine Story. I’m interested in sharing it with the world.

I see a lot of people asking for help with RPG projects. I know how it is to be a beginner and not have any help. I would like to offer my system to the UE4 community which will allow anyone to have the basic features of a Kingdom Hearts game AND focus on Gamepad support.

This system will be centered around gamepads so you will need to mod it for mouse support.

The system would release rather quickly with the following features:

Command Menu - Limit Break, Attack, Defend, Magic, Summons, Items - Button press to scroll and activate
Battle Start and Battle End - Detects when an actor is in range and summons the command menu + Controls battle music, and can be used to trigger character state changes
Inventory (Command Menu) - This will only be items that can show up in the command menu. Very simple with gamepad control
Attributes - HP, MP, Atk, Def, MAtk, MDef, Spd, Limit
Leveling - Curve based leveling system with xp pooling. Think Pokemon main series games on handhelds. It’s the same system
Level Up Events - set the level of the event, set an actor that contains the bp logic and it will trigger when that level is reached. Can be used for learning skills, abilities, story events…

This is just a basic system that will be updated to include:

Gamepad Focused Inventory Fully Functional
Basic Launch + Aerial Attacks
Basic Damage System
Basic Magic System
Limit Breaks

If its missing an important feature please let me know! It may not be included because a superior system may be on the marketplace. This is a template that would work well with other marketplace items. Beginners can use this to learn.

This system would be for 4.12 and higher!

I may include 2 custom music samples:
Battle Music
Field Music

I may add more features than this if people are interested!

Please ask me anything! The system will be ready within a month’s time. I am willing to offer early access to those willing to exchange services.

This is ALL Blueprints though if any C++ Programmers would like to take it and make a C++ version I am super interested!

It is not the actual system in my game, It’s more focused to be a stepping stone to games like Kingdom Hearts and FF Verses 13.

I will have tutorials on how to use the systems and I will include a bonus tutorial on potential ways to extend the system (making combat) The bonus will likely use marketplace assets, though I may show how to do smaller additions.

If you’d like help extending this into a full project, I may be interested in helping if you’d like to hire more or offer a service trade. My main goal is completing my decade long passion project so I will not turn down anything I could see as help.

This sounds pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it on market place.