Fantasy Forest [Cinematic] + [Asset Pack]

Have you ever got carried away doing something fun? Me and @CaioFilizola had.
He recently asked me how to do some camera work and render a sequence inside Unreal Engine.
What started with something simple, as we had fun and played with it, slowly became more complex.

We started with the camera moving in the forest, then we jumped on post processing inside Unreal, setting volumetric light and fog, adding wind controls with Material Parameter Collection to the foliage, animating a pulsating effect in the mushrooms and finally, simulating a person walking.

The entire walking motion is created using a Blueprint Camera Shake actor in the camera, we literally set a keyframe from point A to B and the blueprint did the rest.
The only thing left to make it interesting was incorporating Sound.

Thanks to the amazing library of Envato`s Marketplace we were able to pick a range of nature sound effects including the stepping.

This is just a work in progress but I think it has potential.

I’m definitely using this as teaching material for my unreal engine classes at Seneca College in Toronto.

Can’t thank Epic Games enough for making Unreal so accessible and allowing me to have this amount of fun teaching and working.

Here’s the animation and of his environment:

Here’s the Camera Shaker setup:

ps.: All assets were created by Caio Filizola and are available for purchase on the link below!
To purchase the pack:

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