Fantasy Flying Boat

I haven’t been doing 3d since ages ago so I decided to make a flying boat and now that the open world demo is on the way I can haz the perfect environment.

The boat is 1/3 done so far, I’m planning to do the interior as well and make it flyable.


I finished the navigation wings and started working on the roof. The main wing will rotate to navigate Left n Right while the small ones to the side are for maneuvering up/down and tilt the boat.


After this I’ll add some props before doing the interior. There isn’t much space inside so I’m thinking of putting a bed, crest, stairs that take you upstairs and few props, plus add 1-2 windows.

Whoa, looks awesome Errvald. Depending on what the sails are made of, some SSS + apex (I believe it’s affected by the wind used in the demo?) would look incredible.

Ooooh, I love this stuff! Nothing could go wrong when you’re creating airships -

I like it, I also see where you got your inspiration from,


I also like the one from the Fifth Element, as it has an actual engine, so some realism if that can be a thing with these ships :wink:


I’d be more tempted to do a mixture of different flying ships, taking the best bits from each, rather than sticking to just one source.

There are a few I found over Viewing 19 Images For Flying Ship Fantasy
And of course there’s always G Image search

There was that other one from that GPU performance test program, but the name escapes me at present, the one with the sea serpent that jumps over it.

However it eventually turns out, I look forward to seeing it done and flying…

Oh, I just thought, maybe we could have one game instance,
ie one big open world that is community created, and we all bring in our own Flying ships…

We could just sail around, maybe even have races? or flying competitions.

Uh-oh, this sounds like project of my dream :slight_smile: Each creator - real “manufacturer” of airships in game, competition between different “Companies”, exploration of 3d world and so on :slight_smile: Something like simplistic not mmo StarCitizen with airships!
Also, some new airship goodies from Guild Wars 2:

Yep that’s the art I’m basing this on :slight_smile:
I think the engine is supposed to be inside the cabin in the back so I’ll def model it and
maybe able to feed it some glowing charcoal (the ingredient that makes it fly :P)
I want to finish this first then I might do more ships but they all have to be same final fantasy style mixed with steampunk.

There is a way to turn this into a ‘game’, ships should be made from modules that can be:

  • Frames
  • Figureheads
  • Wings
  • Engines
  • Guns
  • Walls
  • Props

The world is supposed to be a gas giant so there’s no ground but only clouds and floating islands = infinite world :stuck_out_tongue:

(source: google)

@zeOrb Nice Video
I think there was a UE4 game mod called Airbuccaneers too, and then a few years ago a game release (free to play on steam) with the same title, not sure if they were related or not

@Errvald That reminds me of the floating islands and worlds in “Dragon Hunters” Film, you should give it a watch, (not sure if the series is any good, but the film was)

Great thing about floating islands is, they can be made by individuals and added to a game, worked on independently, even have different styles, with a entire world to populate it would be an awesome experience to fly around in your ship, and have floating islands to visit.

(Yes you could have a waterworld and ordinary ships, but why, when you can have airships, gas giants and floating islands)


Finished the roof and the wheel, and now it’s time for the props and the interior. After that I’ll scoop whatever extra polygon is not needed and give it a good optimization.


Started working on the engine, still a lot of work to be done though.


Looks like it’s coming along nicely!

Managed to get some time today and re-sized a few things to accommodate a person. The engine is still work in progress, after I’m done with it I’ll do the bed and the rest of the room.


looks cool, cant wait to see it finished

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m done with the engine and I made the frame of the bed. The bed + pillow will be done in Zbrush and retopology back to Max.


Wow this looks really cool. Do you have any tutorials that would help a noobie learn to model?

Have you thought about how this engine works?

Really cool start, i can already imagine the final atmosphere

There are many sites for tutorials, ex. where you can learn step by step how to build organic and hard surface models.
I don’t do tutorials but if you want to model something specific I can help you. :slight_smile:

There’s a bit more of the engine I haven’t shown yet, now it’s supposed to be powered by some kind of magic coal :stuck_out_tongue: (those holes in the center are going to have emissive light), the wheel on the roof is connected to a hydraulic pipe that goes vertically down beside the stairs and to the engine itself. The rest is supposed to be hidden under the floor so there’s no need to model it.

Thanks man, yeah I can’t wait to see it textured and rendered in UE :stuck_out_tongue: