Fantasy Elemental Weapons

Howdy people!
I don’t normally post on forums. It has been interesting digging through all the content already on here.
I expressed an interest in creating content for the Unreal Marketplace and I was directed to come here and start a WIP post.

I am creating fantasy weapons based on the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.
My first weapon that I present to you is a work in progress and awaiting feedback from this community.
It is the “Napalm Great Axe” and comes as a result of mixing Fire, Water, and a Great Axe together.
Each weapon will come in three different color variations.

These weapons are designed in conjunction with my personal abstract art style.
I seek simplicity in design, powerful silhouette, and vibrant color.
To make these I am drawing lots of concept art and selectively choosing the coolest concepts to run with.
I design these weapons to be unique and have their own place in the world.

Video: Great Axe of Napalm model turn-around captured in UE4

Link: Great Axe of Napalm on Sketchfab

The timeline for these weapons is undefined. I’ll be working on them when I can, which is always variable.

I am open to any feedback that will push my weapons to a higher quality. Feel free to ask any questions!
Thanks for checking out my post :slight_smile:

Its sort of like salvidor dali vomited on an axe, people will like this sort of thing if its a modular set they can change around and create a heap of crazy looking weapon variations with

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take Salvidor Dali as a compliment any day! A modular approach is certainly an interesting idea. Since the project is still young I could possibly implement something along those lines, so I’ll keep it in mind.

Really cool flame design there man! I’ve never seen anything quite like it :slight_smile: