Fantasy Creatures Pack 1 - Voting

Hi everyone :D, our creature pack is now on Trello, please vote if you like it :smiley:

Thank you!

The whole pack is imported and Unreal-ready-prepared by Rama - a skillful and very experienced Unreal user, so it’s very easy to use, just drag the models to your level and you can have fun with them right away.

Nice +1st post!!!

Looks fantastic would love to see on the marketplace!

Voted ! Look nice !

thank you all :smiley: we’re so glad u like it :o

we’re preparing the next pack (Creature Pack 2) with 5 more mobs :smiley:

They look absolutely fantastic, so much better shaded in UE4 than Unity, really come to life with all their fleshy shading. Wish you plenty sales.