Fantasy Clothwear?

Don’t know if I’m looking in the right place or if I just have to buy packs which have some, but I can’t find any medieval clothes for my creators to wear. Not like knight stuff, but the usual cool MC wear you find in video games. Is there stuff like that in Unreal Engine library and where?

Well, you will have to do a lot of editing in 3D tools to get your equipment working with your characters, but there are some free resources available. Mixamohas a lot of free 3D content (some of it looks kind of medieval), and if you use Fuse for your characters you will get some cool art as well.

In UE4 you can download the Infinity Blade Warriors package, which is free, and contains some armors (but it is kind of flashy and knightly). Finally, there are many other sources you can use to get your models, such as the unity asset store, turbosquid, etc… but you will always have to do a lot of manual work to make these assets usable in your characters.