Fantasy characters

firstly I want to say thank you for this. I love how epic is continuing to release powerful tools for free and maintaining a focus on empowering small creators, especially in a market where companies are forcing customers onto predatory subscription models for software they thought they owned (looking at you izotope, adobe).

my request is that I’d love to see some future support for fantastical humanoid features, e.g. elves and such, androids/cyborgs, and anthropomorphic animal hybrids (furries). that last one in particular might seem like a joke request but I’m confident it would tap into a surprisingly lucrative market of creators that are getting largely ignored, and would get entire new online communities talking about your product. plus every fantasy universe has several races of that sort already. it would be a thrill to see such characters rendered to metahuman’s shocking level of realism, and would enable its use in more genres of media.

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I want to add something, there is nothing free, Epics Games tools are made to create commerce, because they just like us have to eat.

In other words, we are their employees, and if we do well in a game, they benefit and so do we. What I mean is that the MetaHuman tool will be limited, it will not have a lot of hair, nor clothes, third party users will create this content for the store where they earn and epics games earns, then we will see one or another free pack.

What happens, with the current tool, you can download the model and in external programs like Blender, you could make the necessary modifications to expand the ears ( elves ) and create fantasy clothes.

That’s how the industry works today and that’s why I come to the same point, epicos games doesn’t give anything for free, it gives you a kind of work that when you earn something, they equally earn money.

The idea is to help in something, this program is free, you can find it in steam. And it may help you in your projects, not at the level of quality and realism of MetaHuman, but I think it is useful.


I believe this is inevitable because we see these sort of humanoids in film. What better way to create believable humanoids than with realistic human base. I tried to push metahuman outside the standard ‘human’ using its the current feature set. This is what I came up with…

Zombie (‘dead nera’ by techlord)

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I agree and i dont doubt that such ‘Fantasy/SciFi’ extensions to Metahuman will be paid extensions.

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