Fantastical "Minim" (Work in Progress Game)

Fantastical Minim / Announcement
Hello again everybody and in this post i want to share with you a new version of my Beat Em Up Platformer that im working on that is planned to be available for everyone called Fantastical Minim.

So what is Fantastical Minim? Well it is a new version of Fantastical that will be made available for Windows 10 and possibly the Xbox Series console… i say possibly because who really has a Xbox Series these days?

This version is kind of the CORE version of the game and the best part is that it will be available for Free for all Windows 10 users to play see below the difference


MINIM Version Comparison:

  1. True Ending = NO
  3. Full Game = NO / Partial
  4. Henry Customization

Game Trailer:

Fantastical Minim “CANCELLED”
Free. YES
Game Type: Partial Game / Half for free
Update Content: NO Minim does not have free content updates.
*If Upgraded to full version your saves will carry over to Allegro Version.

This new version of Fantastical will never see the light of day due to many reasons and one of them
is simply because im no longer interested in continuing its development but bug fixes and stuff are
still a thing.

Since a new project is in the works and Fantastical is the last game i make to use Unreal Engine 4
and since im no longer interested in unreal no further UE4/5 content is planned.

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  • Ern

New Game in Development based of the Fantastical game.

“Project Concerto”

Platforms: GNU “Linux” , BSD , Windows 10

This new game that is based of the Fantastical game universe is being developed the game is currently in a state of experimentation to see if the game should continue using UE4 or another engine.

This game you play as “ED” and a new adventure awaits you!! this is however nothing like Fantastical in terms of gameplay the game is planned to be much different and new mechanics are in place i will share more about this in time.

Coming soon for GNU / BSD and Windows 10.

Why would the game no longer use UE4?
Because of Vulkan and various other issues with the engine in none Windows platforms for example if a game that i make is capable of running on a 2GB VRAM GPU then the engine better be able to pull it of without issue and/or as close to DX11 performance, this is technically a issue thats been around for years with UE4 and to this day it is still a problem since GNU or “LINUX” is planned to be a new adopted platform to play this new game UE4 must be capable to meet the games demand on that platform.

Does the game need more higher specs?
Based of the extensive tests and stress tests the answer seems that a 2GB GPU is still a possibility and i am always in favor for supporting lower end GPUS the more the better, but UE4 is not of course i am looking for some ways to address this.

Is this issue part of the reason Fantastical did not get a GNU version?
Yes pretty much. UE4 favors Windows more and it shows.

Would Fantastical be ported to GNU in the future?
No i dont think so the game is pretty much concluded at this point i just want to move on to new projects the final update was released like long ago.

Looks like GNU “Linux” / BSD and Windows 10… but what about Console and the new Windows 11?

  • Well 1 i am not interested in consoles anymore the Xbox One was the last console i owned and i sure as heck did not like it to be honest but in terms of developing a game expending the platforms is a nifty thought… but for game consoles dont count on them just dont im over those things.

  • Windows 11… No it wont i really skipped on the details about the OS the same thing happened with Xbox One “Remember the reveal??” and really the restrictions are back and worse on the Xbox Series consoles the only difference is no one cares anymore.

So basically i wont use it and also because my hardware wont qualify to run the bloody thing
i skipped the details about the OS and really i wont bother i just wont.

Windows 10 is the last Windows i switched to GNU successfully.

More to come about Project Concerto later on.

Project Concerto coming soon for GNU / BSD and Windows 10 PCs.
Elegance Analysis

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EAS - Upcoming Project - Project Concerto

This is a unique game and it is also a introduction to the GNU OS “Linux” which is the new development standard with me this means that Windows is officially in the back now and is no longer in first place when making decisions for game development this is now the position of the “UNIX LIKE OS’s”.

Plaforms is a big deal here sure the Windows version will be there but the GNU versions are the new top priority this includes also the Berkleys “BSD”.

Alright so after a good few days the game has been in a state of prototyping for the GNU OS
and so far things look good but now comes the truly hairy part and that is to put the game in
UE4 and continue comparing it with the current engine “CSM” which is a more In House-ish engine
being used in case UE4 simply cant deliver the Vulkan performance and the VRAM issues that are far to prominent in that engine.

We all know UE4 which does not need much of a introduction but CSM is different… CSM is a engine which is currently running on OpenGL but plans to push on to Vulkan later the engine in comparison to UE4 is actually much harder to develop with and it takes alot of effort to get the type of graphics i want on that engine, UE4 uses Vulkan because well OpenGL is no longer a option in there and really they should had kept it in the engine but it wasnt.

60 FPS is king on all my games and it is a target every game i make needs… the game runs 60 FPS fine but too much work required with CSM but with UE4 it has a much higher performance gain.

The next new step is to check out the game on UE4.

More to come about this new project.

Project Concerto is coming soon for GNU, Windows 10 and the BSD Operating Systems.

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You could just use ue4/5 forward rendering and keep an eye on your texture pool, that tends to take care of most issues on weaker devices. In house engines have worked in the past, but spelled doom for many smaller projects.

Doubt it this problem has existed for years

1GB vram is bottom end in gaming, development is something else.

Render target memory 2D is the Gbuffer, your gonna have to use forward rendering, which should already be enabled as you dont need any deffered rendering features, none of them are on. This should take care of most of the problems.

Texture memory 2D is textures, moving to a custom engine/any other engine will usually not change this value as dxt1 is pretty generalized. Unless you forget to add texture compression, then this value will quadruple.

Texture memory Cube is reflection captures, and the sky. You can just lower resolution on both if needed.

Vertex buffer memory is meshes, turning off support reversed index buffers is reccomended, there is no reason that feature should be on by default, as it is unused in almost all projects, except in edge case scenarios when things will have a scale as a negative value, in that case it will slightly speed up rendering on said things.

Shadow resolution is probably a big one in this case too, use less res, less cascades, with max filtering quality, which is exactly the issue labeled in your issue report. It is not a bug, its just how shadows work, no matter where you go, except maybe in voxel raytracing engines. Lowering csm res to 1024 in scalability, 2048 being ultra/cinematic and just going with medium should lower the cost to 1/4th.

Unless your on 512mb vram. Then its time for an upgrade, by like, yester-decade.

The problem is the Vulkan API on Linux end of story…

I agree, just look at the Vulkan API. There’s not much to add to this.

That too.

Project Concerto Update.

Hello everyone and happy days.

So today i want to share a few things about this new project of mine so lets get into it.
Project Concerto is planned to be a more Smaller project compared to Fantastical but it is not any means a project with no ambition there is some things i would like to pull of with this game but even with this being a much smaller game it will take its sweet time.

In this game you play as Ed “If you dont know who he is best you play Fantastical then” who is much younger and the game takes place on Earth unlike Fantastical where its all practically Fantasy… in this game the design and the feel is much more grounded where its not as Fantasy as Fantastical the other difference is this game will take on a much more Maturer theme compared to Fantastical which IS a M rated game but with a more light hearted approach.

Platforms and Updates:
The game is being developed with GNU and that means it will support GNU out of the box the following platforms are currently the games targets:

GNU / BSD and Windows 10

However another new approach is taking place with this and this now includes the following:

  • FREE GNU Distros

Free GNU is the versions of the GNU Operating Systems that have absolutely NO proprietary software in them and are strictly 100% Free “Freedom” Software these GNU users want their OS to be as clean as possible from proprietary software and now Project Concerto will be Free GNU ready it is a simple as running the game on Trisquel , Trisquel is a example of a 100% Free GNU distro or PureOS as another.

Making the game even more flexible on more GNU Distros.

Windows update

The Windows 10 version of the game will resume Project Concerto is not the only game in development there is another one but that game will not be ready until a few more years and the case with that new game it will not support Windows at all and will only be available for GNU and BSD
Concerto plans to be the last game for Windows 10.

But why drop Windows?
I been looking for a way to finally drop Windows for years now and i rarely use Windows to be honest its in another Hardrive and its been a long time since i use it and i hardly HARDLY miss it.

So if your dropping Windows will this mean all new games are on GNU only?
YES, along with the BSDs.

Will Fantastical get a GNU port someday?
Its hard because of the Vulkan API with UE4 but maybe one day i will port it to GNU but at the time there is no plan to even revisit that game.

What about UE4? will it be supported also for your future games?
No, the plan is to drop UE4 since it is very Windows leaning and it shows so the plan is to just switch to another engine, but YES the plan is to drop UE4.

What is the new Engine how will you pick?
I tried many engines but since everything is moved to GNU it must support “Linux” as well CryEngine 5 was planned to be the next engine but its far to Windows reliant also so it was not selected, the other engine that was kind of a close call was Unity since it supports a solid GNU version but i didnt go with it.

So now who will replace UE4?..DRUM ROLL PLEASE… GODOT

Godot is the brand new Engine to replace Unreal Engine 4 sure its not as feature rich but im making some alterations to the engines code and making it my own and giving it some modifications here and there to suit the new games needs also the engine is very “Linux” first so its perfect and yes a Windows version is still possible to make even in GNU which is wonderful.

More to come later.

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Project Concerto coming soon for GNU - BSD and Windows 10

Cool stuff!


A quick intro on the gameplay compared to Fantastical.

Compared to Fantastical:


Fantastical, Brutal and Challenging Difficulty 9.5/10
Fantastical is mostly made for people who are looking for a challenge and probably even grew up playing the old Nintendo Hard style games, Games where Saving is a rarity even a luxury and punishes the player even for mistakes its a game not recommended for everyone but for players who really want to play a game so hard.

Other things include strange Menus, weird music and some parts where the player has to make serious guesses… because of its silly nature pressing a certain key instead of up and down menus its odd and weird but its part of the games design.

If you want to play a hard game but isnt as hard this game is NOT for you… like at all.

“I beat Darksouls and Cuphead”
No… just no those dont compare at all.

Concerto, Unique but hard - Difficulty 8.5/10
This game plans to be more action based where more enemies can be attacked at once a tad bit more forgiving than Fantastical but still recommended for skilled players of Hack and Slash , Beat Em Ups.

What makes it more forgiving?
The character can take six more hits compared to Fantastical where the player can only take 4.

The other thing is the planned ability to attack up to 2 enemies at once.

Same thing as Fantastical its slightly more easier but still for people wanting to play a very hard game.

Also a controller is king on both games Mice and Keyboard is kind of a discouragement for the game.

ENGLISH ONLY, i tried translating the game in the past but it was just not something i could fully rely on because my translating is just not good neither are the services, but the possibility of Spanish (MEXICO and SPAIN) is a possibility.

Welcome back to the old days and as in the old days i mean the times where things where a bit more easier or something like that.
The times have changed and oddly reverted we dont know why but it appears to be the case.

  • ED

More to come,

GNU, BSD and Wind-blows 10

  • Ern
    Elegance Analysis

Update on Concerto

So for the past few days i have been trying to get the new games design going and it is actually fairly grounded i am very used to just whatever my mind throws at me which is where Fantastical comes in to play.

You see Fantastical is made with my younger self in mind like back as a tween i wanted my character to Grind so i made him Grind, i wanted him to have a super move so i gave him one i wanted the game to be cruel and hard and i made it happened its like my younger self just giving me the details on what to put on the game “I want weird music, you dont want anything more elegant? NO!! i want it weird do it d*** it!!!” so and so.

So since Fantastical is done its time for a new look for the games and the new look is aimed to be much less fantasy since it takes place on Earth and instead of Worlds its on different countries for Example France is planned to be in the game simply because the main character is French and its about him and trying to ditch some of the fantasy is kind of hard i am very Fantasy orient and i always loved that type of content.


Music also aims to be less… silly, discord and less odd compared to its older brother instead of it being more on the silly side it plans to have a certain Genre of music as its inspiration but more work is planned for this.

  • Why is Fantasticals music so wierd?
    Because it is how it was made its just in general a very weird game and thats why it was also a giant risk to create and spend 3 years on.

  • What was a genre of music that it would had used?
    Classical… because i like Classical music.

  • Was Fantastical ever planned to be more on the Elegant side of things?
    Yes! but during the development i changed its direction and made it more weirder
    Fantastical was more of a premium project back then that it also had Dolby technologies but removed in order to try to make the product more on the lower price.

  • Can you still use Dolby on Fantastical?
    If you buy the Dolby application at the Microsoft Store then you can but the difference is that the technology was originally built in the game, you could use Windows Sonic instead cause you know its Free on your Desktop wont make much of a difference really.


Alright so the game continues its prototyping and trying to nail this new design sure is a bit of a task but i love some stand alone test builds had been made and the game runs well on GNU.

More to come later for Concerto.

Concert is coming soon for GNU | BSD and that other one…

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Concerto Update

A Challenge compared to Fun.

Alright so after thinking about the game i solidified the fact that i am trying to make a more funner game than a challenge like Fantastical, Concerto is nothing like Fantastical if you compare both of the games Concerto aims to be more on Fun Hack and Slash for example:

  • Concerto: More on the Action Side of things, Heavy on Action and less harsh on the players but just HOPEFULLY enough to make it just the right amount of Hard.

  • Fantastical: NOT FOR EVERYONE its completely 100% a challenge intended for very Advanced and Skilled players who have a rich experience playing harder games a example is “Battletoads (1991), Contra etc…”

The game focuses on a newer Faster finger acrobatic gameplay that i am trying to make feel as satisfying as possible the goal is to work on the combat next and to bring the action to life.

The worlds are ment to look similar but not quite as its real Earth version i will hopefully show some screens about at least one on a later post.

More to come later.

Coming Soon for GNU / BSD and Windows 10/11
Fantastical is available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10/11

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A upcoming new experience lots to do but here is a teaser.

Upcoming Character Reveal.

More to come later.

Fantastical for Linux is in a state of experiment to see what i can do to bring the game to the GNU OS.

Coming Soon for GNU / BSD and Windows 10/11
Fantastical is available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10/11

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MINIM Version Comparison:

  1. True Ending = NO
  3. Full Game = NO / Partial
  4. Henry Customization

Get Your Copy Soon.

Game Trailer “Youtube”