FANTASTIC scenario in UE4!!!

My brain was shocked and astaund ( IN a good way! )
when I cheked out in the UE4 the game demo “Shooter game”!!! that can be downloaded in the “Epic Games Launcher” down at the learn section…

Its one of the best demos soo far, soo if you have not had the time to download it! Do it NOW!!!..

The Scenario is Fantastic!!! It takes you into a Futuristic “GOOD TASTE” Metropolis…

BTW “by the way” Can we use all of the “Epic Games” free download content inside the game demos in to our own game projects??? :slight_smile:

As far as I know: yes… you can use all the content in the Epic demos in your own projects.

That’s correct.

Official confirmation. :wink:

Is it a demo map of the next UT?

Can this be a map of the next UT?..

If not this is a good demo of what the next UT will look like! Inpressive!!!

Outpost 23 is an example of a UT map from Epic, and that looks gorgeous. I don’t know if they plan to bring this over officially, but I don’t think they would be opposed to a community member making it into a map for UT.

No, it isn’t anything connected with UT.

By the way, UT already has a very high quality map included if you want to get an idea what the game will be like.