Fantastic Journeys




Fantastic Journeys is Up On kickstarter!

If you’d like to give it a try and let me know what you think it would be super appreciated.

This has been a pretty fun project.

You should put a skylight in the level, the shadows are awfully dark as they are right now.

a skylight? the worlds are open. if you meant a directional lite source I think I have one of those too.

Skylights are pretty important for ‘open’ or outdoor scenes too:

Oh that’s that you meant, the game isn’t dark at all when in play, so no need. If anything it’s to bright.

Awesome all those colours I have this strange candy craving now… haha. Very different style I like it :wink: I laughed at the big feet when you look down and the jump sound looks like fun! Thx for showing us you project! Good luck with the ks campaign!!

I agree that a lot of your stuff is too bright, but your shadows are way too dark, a skylight would fix that.
I would also suggest not using emissive for so much stuff, it causes your assets to look too bright and flat and boring since they don’t get any shadows at all.

nope, its good. Your I believe, coming from a very different place then me.

I also agree that a skylight would help!

I really think your project can benefit with sorting out the light a little.

It looks great don’t get me wrong, but from what I can see, I agree with others that the objects are way too bright and the shadows are super-dark. However, this could be Youtube.

Have you thought about trying the Toon-Shader (Or cell-Shader) from the Marketplace in your project? I think it could really add to your project!

But I’m not calling the shots of your project; Just giving you a few tips from my personal opinion.

The game looks interesting and I can’t see how you develop it more! :slight_smile:

Fantastic Journeys is Up On kickstarter!