FAnimationRuntime::BlendPosesPerBoneFilter, Compiler Linker Error

Dear Friends at Epic,

I was trying to write my own turn in place animation node

and I ran into this problem while trying to blend two FA2Poses

Looks like this symbol is not exposed to Rocket Users?


#I do have the Runtime include

I do have

#include "AnimationRuntime.h"

at the top of my .cpp file

        1>Module.FootIKRuntime.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: static void __cdecl FAnimationRuntime::BlendPosesPerBoneFilter(struct FA2Pose &,class TArray const &,struct FA2Pose &,class TArray &,bool,struct FBoneContainer const &,class USkeleton *)" (?BlendPosesPerBoneFilter@FAnimationRuntime@@SAXAEAUFA2Pose@@AEBV?$TArray@UFA2Pose@@VFDefaultAllocator@@@@0AEAV?$TArray@UFPerBoneBlendWeight@@VFDefaultAllocator@@@@_NAEBUFBoneContainer@@PEAVUSkeleton@@@Z) referenced in function "protected: void __cdecl FAnimNode_FootPlacementIK::DoBlending(struct

#Please Do Address This

I am not sure how to complete my animation node without this function!



Hi, Rama, I’ll expose this. Thanks!


Thanks Lina!