Fan Project - Indiana Jones & The Emperors Tomb REMASTER


So some of you Indiana Jones fans out there might have played and even remember a game called “Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb”. Well after almost a decade of playing it I decided to playthrough it
once again for nostalgia’s sake, and it got me thinking: Wouldn’t a remaster of this game be great?

So, within a few hours I had this.

I’m still considering if this would be a worthwhile fan project to get into, but any help is always welcome - it would be a big project after all.


Well, that is a good start, keep up :wink:

Is this still an active project for you? I know it’s been about a year. Those landscape screenshots look promising. I can’t offer any technical assistance, but I’d be willing to make a donation to make this happen.

Dude! Thats amazing! I want to do this for the Infernal Machine. I would 100% be willing to help!

It’s a yes from me and I couldn’t even see your photos. This game is one of my all time favorites