Fan Overheating speed ?

My spec on my computer is
4gen i7 CPU

normally when i run anything my computer is silent as anything from UNREAL 3 etc or playing games !

But when i use UNREAL 4 my EVGA PRECISION tells me my computer is running at 76 Celsius inside and the fan speed is at 80%

I dont think this is normal and worried my pc is gonna blow :confused:

suggestions on anything ?

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That’s weird, I have a GTX 660 OC, my temp never exceeds 70 Celsius with everything on max, 60% speed. (I use Precision X too). You may want to check your fans, or invest in better cooling. Your card uses about 100w more power than mine, but 80% fan with 76 temp is a little high I would think. Make sure that you turn off real time rendering in your content browser if you have that in your UI, that can cause an increase as well I’ve found.

You could also try some of the scalability settings:

Though, your GPU is in the high end category, maybe something is wrong. When did you clean your tower the last time? Dusty inlets can lead to overheating components.

I know I’m kind of late for this thread, but I have the very same problem. Normally I can run my CPU on 100% for several hours without it reaching 70° Celsius, but with UE4.1 i get peaks of 76° without even fully using the CPU. So it seems to be a UE4.1 problem. My CPU fan and the grid are virtually dust free and my case has a 21cm side fan, so i doupt it has something to do with my system…
I’ve found several other threads like this, is there a solution to this issue somewhere?