FAN CUTSCENE based on "The Elder Scrolls" game series (Solo Project).

Let me introduce you to my personal work. I wanted to see if I could do the cut scene alone, and made it, based on “The Elder Scrolls” game series.
The final scene turned out to be of middle level, but at least I finished it.

MAYA animation.

Face motioncapture test.

Engine render test.

Warframe character.

Looks cool, nice to see some breakdowns. How did you animate the character?

For fascial mocup I use kinect for XBox 360 and “Faceshift”, but you can’t buy it anymore.
For body mocup I use Xsens suit (I was given it for the weekend).
Then import the data into Motionbuilder - cleanup, import into MAYA - correction, and finally import into the engine - final adjustment and dynamics setups.