Family Game Night 3D Environment in Unreal Engine 5

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Hey @anonymous_user_89394fc3, thank you for sharing this excellent 3D environment here in the Unreal Engine forums! I definitely get a warm, cozy, familiar vibe from all the screenshots posted and the short video you linked. :slightly_smiling_face:

How long did it take you to create this environment? Did you create many of the assets shown?

Hey Zezkaii, Yes I made most of the assets in the scene :slight_smile: and i also used some assets from Quixel mega scans


Wow, this is some really impressive work! I look forward to seeing what you showcase next! Thank you again for sharing your excellent work with us. :grin:

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I agree with @Zezkaii ! This is extremely impressive! I got the warm fuzzies and was in my feels watching your YT video fly through! This puts me in the mind of a virtual time capsule. Were you inspired by your real family or by actual memories? I especially love the details! The scene looks totally lived in! I noticed the prescription pill box and the old school soda pop cans. Rather this was created in memoriam or simply imagination-inspired, your scene is totally remarkable!

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Thank you so much! yes I was inspired by my family when I was a kid and we use to go down to my nans for game night!

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Can someone please hand me a Kleenex or tissue? :sneezing_face: This is beautifully moving! You’ve memorialized a memory here and decided to share it with the world! :earth_americas:

Because of your motivating factor, this environment has the potential to be mega-inspiring and impactful. We’re most honored that you chose to use the Unreal game engine to “Make something Unreal”!

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