Familiarizing myself with Blueprints

I am trying to learn blueprints and I was thinking of starting with something useful but basic. Basically a way to instance a mesh by adjusting a variable. I have been looking into arrays and static mesh components, but I cannot figure out how I should connect them together, etc.

My idea was, the variable would be editable, and I would change it to, say, 3 meshes, and it would duplicate the mesh 3 times and the array would now have 3 indexes (0 for the initial mesh, 1,2,3 for instances). I am testing it on a 200x200x200 cube, and I just want to build a basic ‘bridge’ with these boxes.

As you can see, I have no idea what I am doing really, I am hoping someone here can help me get on my feet with blueprinting.



you need to do a few things to spawn an instanced mesh. Here is an example af a grid instanced mesh (to instance a floor for example)

In a blueprint with a box as only component, you have to add this in construction script. First add an instanced component, set its mesh and create a variable from it. Then create a grid to have locations then add a new instance of the instanced component at the location.

You can do it in the event graph too.

Basically you AddInstancedStaticMeshComponent to get the reference in the world. Its transform doesn’t really matter unless it is in your way.

Then you take your variable that you set, and use it to Add Instances.

I can’t remember if they have fixed the instanced mesh collision yet or not. My maps render instanced meshes and use invisible collision volumes for functions that need to interact with the objects.