FAME looking for team

Project Title:

Players form a team of 5 and fight opposing 5 player teams in martial arts combat. The goal is to defeat all enemies. The team that survives, wins.


  • Multiplayer Only
  • Mocap combat
  • Interlock System
  • 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Person View
  • Open Skillsystem
  • Tournaments/Rankings
  • Low Fantasy/Wuxia Theme

Team Structure:

Roy Holzem (Project Creator)
Business Development, Game Design, Programming.
Worked for Blizzard Entertainment ā€“ World of Warcraft

This is the first project I do myself in the gaming Industry but I worked for Blizzard Entertainment and have some knowledge about AAA Company structure.
I have led large scale projects in Telecommunications and regulated markets and I am a (python) programmer with 7 years of experience.
This is my linkedinand this my stackoverflow.

Iā€™m looking to form a LLC type company and pay in equity, rates vary depending effort.

Talent Required:

  • 3D Animation/SFX
  • 3D Animation/Level Design
  • 3D Animation/Sound Design

Everyone in the team will do multiple tasks, everyone will be doing animations.
I need people who are auto-didactic and learn new things on the fly, so we can
learn together, grow together and make an awesome game.

You can contact me via Skype for more (rholzem) or in discord (Rizzit#2755).

Best Regards,