False boolean returns true from branch?

So, very confused.

Trying to debug this function, and its returning False.
But the Branch node is returning True…

If it was true, I would get the correct “stack” variable
but I’m not getting the Stack variable, because its False, however the branch is returning true… and I’m left confused… maybe Unreal is just showing the wrong thing?


Anyone know what might be off here?

It may happen because the function Find is pure and returns the actual value every time you call it. When you call it first (bool), it finds an item. The item can already be removed when you call the function the second time (stack).



Thanks for the reply.

I found the issue, its because I’m removing the item in the Map too soon.
Realized also that I’ve forgotten that Maps can be updated compared to Arrays, so I don’t need to remove it to set a new value. So it solved itself when removing the remove map item node.


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