Fallout 4 in Unreal Engine 5 (sort of…)

edit: made a discord server Fallout 4 in Unreal Engine 5

Fallout 4 in Unreal Engine 5 (sort of…)

I do random stuff. In the past few days I worked on the above, which is basically mining actors data from fallout 4 and automatically create their equivalent in unreal engine. The purpose of this scientific experiment was not focused on visuals, but just abstract data. Ideally I can find a brainstorming buddy to explore this further…

Now with static meshes, Drumlin Diner automatically ported, minimal manual labor involved. Materials are kind of screwy though (simple set up via C++, but I think the material slots are shuffled the wrong way :slight_smile: )…

Side by Side Comparison Pic

Fallout 4 Drumlin Diner to UE5

Red Rocket

Random Outfits Pic

Random Outfits Video

made a discord server

finished importing the Fallout 4 Commonwealth map in Unreal Engine 5, ~700,000 objects. The parser primarily focused on actors with a visual mesh (.nif), markers and most NPCs. Didn’t add volumes, e.g. radiation volumes/areas. Nor triggers.


On a different topic, couldn’t find a reliable and predictable Z so I basically wing it using primarily COC and X markers, and check their current Z against the most immediate landscape. And then use the resulting Delta Z against all other meshes in the same cell. With okayish results

and finally my computer is on fire. At one point exceeded using 100 GB of memory while automatically getting data from Fallout 4 and creating its equivalent in Unreal Engine 5. Plus I get 5 (five!) FPS in the editor with all 700,000 objects loaded. If performs better at runtime though because I made a very small grid cell size for World Partitions Cheesy my current computer is A-, but it still crumbles under 700,000 objects…

better still, it would be nice to have a tech artist snapping some fingers for some heightfield magic at some point…

Can’t complain though, at the end of the day automation saves the day, says me not being a poet…
Now I have to update the materials. And then try and play Fallout 4 in Unreal Engine 5…

Reminded me of Deep blue beating Kasparov :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Sounds like a lot of work!, will it make sense in the end?