Falling while swinging


I am trying to get my 3d SideScrollerCharacter to swing from a point found by a line trace.

So far I have tried two different methods both with their own issues.

  1. After getting the impact point from the line trace I am adding force to the player character. While this works and the character swings, character is also falling over time.

  1. To try to stop the character from falling I spawned a physics constraint actor at the LineTrace impact point and disabled player movement and turning on physics. In this scenario I see my physics constraint spawns in but the character starts rotating under my map and off axis.

When recreating this scenario in a third person preset I find that the character swings at the correct position and on the correct axis. So far I have been unable to find why I this is functioning differently in the 3DSideScroller.

I have noticed that ‘Swinging’ and Grappling Hooks are a rather popular subject. I have looked at dozens of threads and videos going over this topic.

Any help and direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

UPDATE: I believe I found the reason the physics constant was not working as I had liked. Two changes have been made which have put me in a better place.

1.) The Physics Constraint BP, the Twist Motion under Angular Limits has been set to Free.
2.) I have attached the Capsule Component to Constraint 1, instead of Constraint 2.

Today is 3/3/20201 - I resolved this issue of mine some odd months ago but thought it was odd that I never got approval. I am posting here again with the hope that I will be able to get approval for future posts.