Falling until spawn again on start

So I dont really get what happened with my map, cause for about 2 weeks while I was working on it I could test it any time and I could spawn on my land walk around without problems. And in the last couple of hours any time when I tried to spawn I start falling but dont see the land just white glowy picture then I fall a bit more and than Im in water and after 20 sec I can choose a zone where I wanna spawn again, and the same thing happens regardless where I spawn. Now Everything seems spotless in my viewport, no error messages, landscape has right settings, and waterplane and what not.

The last things what Ive done wich could have caused this, that I tried to change my waterplane mesh with the one that is in Bricks video, wich fills up the holes on that water mesh, so I downloaded the mesh put it next to my mod, and changed it and it seemed perfect, the holes dissappiered, but at every restart I got a warning ever since that the dev kit or my project cant find this mesh, so than I added it again and again, until I got bored of it and just changed it back to the original, with the holes.

The other thing I was working on is I tried to adjust my maps longitude and latitude settings in the world settings so that I can spawn where my spawning points actually are, and than later Id be able to see my own minimap instead of the islands. And now I just keep on falling and dont get the whole thing.

Any Ideas what should I do or what could have went wrong?

Ok so after 2 days of try locating this problem, wich I believe effected some others in the past as I found it in the forum threads, I kinda was able to control this thing to some extent. One by one I deleted everything from my mod, until I deleted all my spawn points, I had 3 on north, south, east, and west, and than I spawned myself to a high location in the middle of my map, and it worked, but… Than I started to try different places on the map, and spawning in my case have nothing to do with hight, cuase there is a couple of places wich are like 2 meter higher than water level, just some beaches and I can spawn there, but there are other even really high places where I just cant, I keep on falling to oblivion. So My only conclusion is that either it is possible somehow that my landscape is leaking :slight_smile: I dont know how but it feels like, or the other thing is wich is more likely that this is all because I scaled up on my maps size. from 100 to 180 x,y I did scale it up, and maybe in the middle of my map was the original size of the map and inside that zone I can spawn, but outside of it I just cant.

Anyone got any insight on that?

Have a look at your Kill -Z in the World Settings, it sounds like you are hitting the kill zone:

It is a classic beginner problem.

Nah it was under -48000 from the get go. But I found the cause finally. In world settings I enabled world composing, wich removes all streaming levels from your persistent level, wich is a final step I guess before cooking the map, but because of this none of my spawn points worked for 2 days and I kinda wasted 2 days try to solve this aaaaaaaaaa. Its freaking annoying. Anyway thanks for the help.