Falling off edges

in the ue4.14 third person demo, the character will do a little hop when walking off an edge by default. i do not want this to occur. i would like the character to fall strait off the edge without doing a little hop. does anyone know what is causing the hop and where the setting is to disable it?

The hop comes from the state machine inside the animation blueprint. You should have a look inside, but it goes something like: Idle/Runwhen in airStartJump animation → Falling animation loop → when not in airStopJump animation → Idle/Run.

So you see, every time the character leaves the ground beneath its feet, the animation state enters the jump before it loops the falling animation until it hits the ground.

You would need to change this part of the state machine. One workable solution would be to use a bool in the player character, call it bWantsToJump, set it to true when you press the jump button, false when you land again. Then in the state machine, have two arrows leaving the Idle/Run state: One if the player is in air and bWantsToJump is true. This one behaves the way it currently does, by jumping and then looping the fall animation. The second one fires when the player is in air, but did not want to jump. That one goes from idle straight to the falling animation.

With that setup, the character starts jumping only if the player pressed the jump button.

that is exactly the answer i was looking for. thank you so much ramesjandi