Falling Off A Box in First Person

Cause why not?

I like the one at .23 min where he seems to slip at the corner. Otherwise pretty realistic (apart from the fun).

I’d be interested to watch how people react if they played this in VR…

Hah, amazing! I have a level set up from a long time ago that was basically this, plus a teleporter on the ground instead of death. I’d put on a DK2 and fling myself off of it repeatedly until I didn’t get motion sick as much. Seemed to work pretty well.

Nice. I had no intention of doing this actually, I was just working on falling and flailing animations. Then i said, huh i wonder what it looks like when I play it on an active ragdoll…then i switched to first person and was surprised at how real it looked.

Same. Its too bad im broke and have no money for a VR headset :smiley: