Falling objects NEED ADVICE

Hi everyone!
I need some advice or possible ideas on how to set up some blueprints for the props in my level.

I have a road on the lower side of a mountain that has some pillars on it. In the valley beneath there are minions passing by that I want to crush by pushing the pillar onto them.

I’ve created a blueprint parent of type actor to use with various props. When the character punches the pillars, a widget with a progress bar appears until the breaking point. On reaching the breaking point, the actor is set to simulate physics with a custom physics asset override, allowing it to fall slowly to the ground. The mesh is destructible and it applies damage to itself when a capsule that is located in the upper part hits the ground, fracturing it. After it fractures, the chunks should also scatter, dealing damage.

  1. Any idea on how to use these chunks to apply damage to other actors?
  2. If I have some child blueprints that do not use most of this functionality, would it be wise to create a totally separate blueprint for them, performance wise?
  3. I’m open to other ideas or workarounds for this sort of thing, given the fact that i’ll use these blueprints at least 100x per level in different instances.