Fall Guys Ragdoll Physics Replication

How is it possible to have Ragdoll Physics work like in Fall Guys? Currently, I’m able to have the ragdoll state replicated across all clients, but the final location of each client does not sync up with the server’s. And when the player regains control of the character after it recovers, it snaps back into position, which looks terrible. Sometimes, the client sees the ragdoll moving in the opposite direction compared to the server, causing the snap-back when recovering to look much worse. Thanks for any insight in advance :slight_smile:

Hum, it’s not so easy.

First, maybe try to give a look to Smooth Sync plugin on Marketplace (dunno if it handle ragdool).

Second, i think i yould be going to replicate the physic of a single component, like a capsule collider, and going to ragdoll only some part of the player, as the arms, legs… not sure if it’s even possible but i would dig in this direction.