Faking AO in a dynamic scene


I am doing a scene that makes use of dynamic lighting. I will like to fake AO so everything looks like some light bounce even its a fill. Do anyone have a suggestion.


Depends a lot on the scene and context. Give us more to go off of.

I have a two level space station map with rooms and a hanger. I plan to use culling. Then models with lights sparingly. No area with two lights. The third light source would be a something a player holds. So the faje light I hope will fill the scene or in a set collision area. The plan to have power generators and different lights for damaged station, emergency, and other states.

So the lighting needs to be dynamic.

Use AO in textures.

In a dark scene, you can do flake GI on flashlights. Last of Us did this and there’s threads about it.

You can design the scene and textures to be darker in corners, or darkener and dirtier where you’d want AO.

You probably could get away with a tiny bit of light baked in, almost ambient lighting.

Capsule shadows may be an option on key assets.