Faked reflections on Epic water planes

I recently discovered Scene render cube and use it on my windows. Looks pretty good. I decided to apply it to my pool water.

Everything still need tweaking, like the caustic speed and wave intensity

I think faked reflections are great here tho.

Reflections are looking good. Waiting for the final version.

I just have a problem at runtime…reflections of other glass/translucent materials appear green. Instead of transparent. Only at runtime.

I faced that problem too.

One solution is to check - Capture Every Frame in 3d Reflection Cube Camera, that will render the viewport unusable because of performance lag. Frame rates goes down from 40fps to 3-4 fps.

Another solution for runtime is to save the Reflection Cube render as a image and apply it. That want give you the realtime reflection but will do the job.

and you create Matinee cinematic renders always keep the “capture every frame” option on…else reflection will come out green.

I don’t need realtime reflections…I only have 3 palms and with distortion in my windows it gives the impression of subtle movement.

Even if I play in viewport or simulate in viewport the problem isn’t there, only when I launch… there must be a simpler solution :-S

I will record with shadowplay. My scene is already overkill lol and not optimized at all hehe.

Phil if the problem is only on the packaged version I found a fix for that.

In the level bp just move the capture cube for a minimal value like 0.001 on any axis with a short delay ( like 0.1) after the Event begin play. It will force it to recapture and fix the green issue.

I’ll try it ty. For now I disallowed the scenecapturecube to render glass. Doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Yeah you just need the camera to be updated once when you open in editor. If you actually run the packaged game it should update the capture cube itself when it starts

Packaging is another story. Half the time is doesn’t build successfully and I have no idea why.