Fake references (to make new stuff working pre-devkit update)

How can we place fake references to manually implement features before a new devkit update?
Like we manually put a reference to a none existing file (well in the client or server filesystem they pretty sure exist!)
It is pretty easy to find missing files by comparing the devkit content folder to the game content folder.
I would for instance like to manually add new engram entry references to my primalgamedata which are non existent in my tc. (I guess this would also work for mods)
cwm33 and me manually added the new DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Medium_SuperMineStone which obviously was the DmgType used by the new Doedicurus. We also added this DmgType to some HarvestingComponents and voila the Doedicurus was able to harvest those materials. I think you kinda know what i mean by now. This strategy would likely fail for a engram. So there is the question: How to make fake references for none existing files?

Well, found a rather time-consuming and sloppy workaround. Create dummys, reference them, cook the mod and manually delete those files out of your cooked mod folder and upload it. That works ;D
Edit: For it to work on the Doed saddle:

  1. Create a “PrimalItemArmor_DoedSaddle” (just copy any saddle).

  2. Create a fake “EngramEntry_Saddle_Doed” (just copy any engram).

  3. Set “Blue Print Entry” to “PrimalItemArmor_DoedSaddle”.

  4. Add the “EngramEntry_Saddle_Doed” to “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” in the “PrimalGameData”.

  5. Add the “PrimalItemArmor_DoedSaddle” to the Inventory Component of the “StorageBox_AnvilBench”

  6. Add it to the PrimalGameData “Additional Structure Engrams” like this:

  7. Cook your mod/tc

  8. Manually delete those fake EngramEntry_Saddle_Doed files and PrimalItemArmor_DoedSaddle files out of the linux and windows folder (should be 8 files total) and upload your mod.

Very nice work-around, hopefully it doesn’t cause any unforeseen errors/bugs, but that is a great idea!

I figured this out the other night but wasn’t really planning on sharing it as I wasn’t sure if it was methodology that wildcard would support or endorse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Long story short yeah you really only have to add the most basic of base references, and then delete them from the upload to get them to show up in a Total Conversion the same way it would in a data mod.

Here’s what I found with my twiddlings:
Simple stuff like the smoke grenade only needs the engram to be dummy referenced.
Ones requiring a crafting structure like the smithy need a dummy reference for the smithy AND for the primalinventory.
DinoEntries only need the single dummy reference.
Buildable structures (the sloped roof bits) need the engram, the smithy reference for metal bits, and ALSO you need to create dummy references under the StructurePlacerBlueprint otherwise the structure will never place properly.

Apart from that I just created a batch file to go through my Output folder so it’s easy to do the deletes after the TC has been cooked.

This is what happens when the devkit gets way behind in content, we get impatient, mischievous and cheeky with trying to find workarounds. :smiley:

And we succeed in finding them ;D

Wow great work and nice find!