Fake receipts from epic games?

I’m not sure where to put this but today I recieved what would seem to be a fake receipt from epic games for 150$. I had not purchased anything and the email was indentical to the usual epic games receipt. It had the last digits of my debit card and the product it said I bought was some russian words and limited edition. It said the seller was epic games.
I checked my accounts and no money is missing but this is still very troubling. Whether it’s harmless or not it needs to be handled before something happens.

Edit: Someone used my account information and did charge to my bank account. Haven’t recieved a response from epic. Make sure to change your passwords and watch your bank information to be safe!

Can you please send an official email to so we can investigate and share any details with you?


I see your ticket and have escalated it for you. We will be in touch through the ticketing system shortly.

Best regards,
Marketplace Team