Fake mirror with texture target and material function

Hi. I’m looking for a method for reflections but can’t use ray traced, screen space or planar reflection in my project…
I just found this tutorial and it worked for me, but would like know if there are any way to improve it or another method.

Do you know any other options?


Depends on what is reflecting and how.

A mirror can be done manually the same exact way planar Reflections handle things with a scenecapture2d that moves along with the head/character and a render target.
The cost cab be high because you are rendering 2 scenes that way.

You simply invert X and Y of the forward vector to change the angle of the screen capture. It’s not a 1:1 of how real mirrors work, obviously. But it’s a really accurate approximation compared to most - and it won’t require setting up planar Reflections.