fake IntelliSense errors on Runtime/Engine/Classes classes

I get fake IntelliSense errors in VS107C / UE4.20 on Runtime/Engine/Classes classes
e.g. in case of UGameplayStatics functions:
function “UGameplayStatics::ApplyPointDamage” (declared at line 282 of “…Runtime/Engine/Classes/Kismet/GameplayStatics.h”) is inaccessible
is there any setting that can remove these fake alarms?

Disable intellisense errors/squiggles.
That system cannot “reach” majority of engine code, it’s useless for Unreal Engine.

yeah it was my 1st idea, but in general it works fine and I do a lot of typos… :frowning: with VS2015C and UE4.19 everything was fine and happy… classes placed into Public/Private are still fine, only classes under Classes are bad (.h and .cpp in the same folder), so might be an intellisense include error or something…